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16185Re: [sig] Russian mead per The Domostroi

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  • weyland.geo
    Apr 16 11:33 AM
      Not the OP, but I've got a class I've written on Russian Meads (it's brand new; just got its test run last weekend), focusing on the Domostroi; I'm a professional translator, and I've been going off the Russian version, rather than Pouncy's.  (I find that she misses a few details.)

      For flavorings in the mead, spices are mentioned (nutmeg and clove, specifically); these are placed in a small cloth bag, and hung in the barrel of mead, to provide aroma and flavor.  Berry meads are also presented; finished mead is added to a kettle with whatever berry you desire, then they're boiled together.  As a brewer, I disapprove--you're driving off all of the alcohol--but that's what the Russian says.

      My 2 kopecks, YMMV.
      --Misha Novgorodets
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