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16182Re: [sig] name consult help: Red Otter

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  • Anya Stickney
    Apr 9, 2014
      What language is this? It doesn't sound Russian or Slavic to me. Google is suggesting Mongolian, but does not provide a translation.


      On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 3:01 PM, T Duran <sazabhadri@...> wrote:

      Hello !

      I have a kind lady who is looking to register some variant of either

      Al Khalyulun (Crimson Otter), or
      Chagan Khalyulun (White Otter)

      She's done some work on the Saint Gabriel website putting it together,
      and is looking for help getting the ducks lined up with making sure
      she's got a valid construction, the right suffix, the pattern is
      documentable, etc.

      She also interested in using the right title (she's a Viscountess and
      Court Baroness).

      I'm having a massive attack of Real Life at the moment, and cannot put
      the time into this that I would like to.

      Can someone help her ? I can put you in touch.



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