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16143Oops - this didn't send the first time. Slavic U in An Tir?

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  • Mir Plemmons
    Oct 31, 2013
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      Dobriy den!

      Last night, Paul Wickendam posted to our Facebook group that we need to try to move Slavic U into more regions, and pinged the West and An Tir.

      A flurry of comments later, we have what *appears* to be a lot of support to host it in An Tir.

      I and Baroness Alexsandra Lavrovna would be event stewards, the Barony of Wyewood is looking forward to hosting it near Sea Tac International Airport, and we have nearly a dozen Slavs and Wyewoodians volunteered already gor the event team.

      This looks like a solid go - if you would all be willing to come teach, learn, cook, eat, wear, do and share with us!

      What say you? Shall my team put together a bid?

      Most respectfully and gladly,

      Master Tvorimir Danilov, OP, MC, GPoAT
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