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16134Re: [sig] Russian mead per The Domostroi

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  • Joseph Belcher
    Oct 25, 2013
      I posted this info as an interesting tid-bit, and have already found out a portion of what I said was wrong. Particularly the portion concerning the boiled mead. I misread the entry, and it is actually a bochet (obarnoi) or burnt honey mead.
      When I finish my research I will revisit this topic here

      Sorry for the confusion.
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      My apologies for the formatting... Let me try again
      I was doing research on mead in Russia, and was using The Domostroi (edited and translated by Carolyn Johnston Pouncy) as a reference. While I’m sure we’re all familiar with The Domostroi, I noticed a very interesting trend.
      The different mead recipes listed, in order are:
      Boiled mead
      White mead
      Honey mead
      Ordinary mead
      Boyars’ mead       
      The Boiled mead recipe says to combine seven parts water to one part honey, and to boil until it is reduced by half. None of the other recipes have you boil the must. First, we have to accept that when you boil must, the water evaporates and the honey does not. Given that; when a 7:1 ratio of honey and water is reduced to a total of four parts, the mixture is now three parts water to one part honey.
      Assuming we accept that the Boiled mead has a final ratio of 3:1, here are the ratios of water to honey in each of the recipes, in order of how they are listed in The Domostroi.
      Boiled mead  3:1
      White mead  4:1
      Honey mead  5:1
      Ordinary mead  6:1
      Boyars’ mead  6:1 then sweetened with honey after fermentation
      I was pleasantly, and happily, surprised that the mead recipes were so clearly ranked and classified
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