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  • charles stefanich
    Sep 23, 2013
      To use the Rovas or Magyar runes you will need a translation into Hungarian. Once you have that it can be written in the rovas, remembering to use the 'rules" for Rovas. Written from right to left and words get divided where ever you run out of space. They also used a form of shorthand leaving out letters that would be understood to have been there. Probably not recommended for a scroll.
      Valkai Istvan

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      Hey guys,

      Can anyone help with the request below?


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      Hi all!

      Kind of an exotic question here - I'm working on a scroll for a Magyar persona and I've found that pre-1000AD the Magyars used a runic script.  I've found the script online, but since I don't know Hungarian I'm trying to decide if I want to transliterate or try to find an accurate translation of my text.

      If there's anyone out there familiar with Magyar runes that can do a translation for me, I'd appreciate a contact!


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