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  • Tatiana Golter
    Jun 19, 2013
      The SCA College of Heralds forgets that in some languages there are such
      things as conjugations. So when the word is taken out of context, it looses
      I had similar issue with registering my surname, they told me that the form
      was wrong. So I wrote an appeal. The name passed.
      I understand that languages change with time, however, some words and
      conjugations have not changed. I grew up with this stuff, which should
      account for something, I would think.
      So, if you want to register Dom of some such Thing, I suggest that you do
      it. I could help you with forming the name, as much as I can. I have a
      decent collection of books that might help. At the very least it will be a
      good try. And hopefully, SCA will have one less badly formed Russian name.

      You can contact me directly, or through the list. I am also on Facebook and
      Sig Facebook group.

      Tatiana Moskovskaia

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