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16064Re: [sig] Birch bark scroll 200

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  • Lisa Kies
    Jun 6, 2013
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      Greetings from Sofya,

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 11:55 AM, Joseph Belcher <iegrappling@...> wrote:

      > Birch bark scroll 200 http://www.goldschp.net/SIG/onfim/onfim2.jpg is a
      > self portrait of the Rus child Onfim accompanied by his name. It also
      > contains, per Paul Wickenden �the first eleven letters of the alphabet in
      > the upper right corner�.
      > I can not equate the letters with the modern Russian Cyrillic alphabet.
      > The first letter seems to be the letter Yus, which appears to be no longer
      > used. Then we have Be, Ve, and Ge, but after that it becomes gibberish to
      > me. The fifth letter looks like it could be a variant on Yus also, but I�m
      > not sure.

      You need to compare with the _old_ Cyrillic alphabet (and adjust to the
      awkward way letters get written on birchbark especially by little boys).

      The first letter is the "birchbark style" A. B, V, G are next as you note.
      The next letter is D - a triangle with legs, albeit confusingly triangular
      The next letter is E, but written so it runs into the next letter, Zhe.
      Zhe is written with three unconnected strokes which makes it hard to
      recognize. } | {
      Then on the second line, the next letter is S, a variation on Z.
      Z is the next letter - the 7 with attachments.
      Then there's ee.
      And I as a little cross.
      And finally K, disjointed like zhe - | { .

      > At your service,



      Lisa M. Kies, MD aka Sofya la Rus, OL, CW, CSH, druzhinnitsa Kramolnikova
      Mason City, IA aka Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
      "Mir znachit Pax Romanov"
      "Et nunc et semper, etiam atque etiam, et discere et exquire et
      alia." -^-^-`

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