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  • Yevgeniya Pechenaya
    Mar 27, 2013
      Hi guys!

      This looks like a Slavic U I can make it to. only about 4-5 hrs away :)
      I can teach Russian Calligraphy.

      Also A few years back there was a Slavic U around Maryland or Baltimore or something. And there was a class taught on Medieval Russian. I ended up not being able to go and I don't know taught the class but I would LOVE to take it if the person is able and willing to teach it again.



      scribal arts:

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      Greetings to the list:

      Two things:  My local shire of ACG ( Abhain Ciach Ghlais) in Aethelmarc  has an active Cook's Guild.  We would like to try some Slavic food, the only source (printed) I have is Food and Drink in Medieval Poland.  In trying to be more generalistic, are there any sources that might be easily accessed for us?   I know there is a wealth of knowledge on this list, since I have been reading for quite some time now.

      #2  I would like to put together a Slavic University to be held October 26, 2013 near Williamsport, PA and I am fishing for interest and availability.  Of course if you are able to teach that would be fantastic, but I am also wondering what to expect for attendance.  Any input you have would be appreciated for my planning.

      Yours in Service

      Lady Byrgida Zajaczowa


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