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15740Karelian coats?

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  • Noora Salminen
    May 28, 2012
      I'm working on a 11th-12thish century Karelian clothing and
      accessories. The problem is that a lot of the information of the east
      Karelia is only in Russian, and I've found relatively few sources in a
      language I can read. Weapons, jewellery and such are easy as I'm
      running with one of the finds from formerly Finnish part of Karelia
      (Kekomäki graves) that have been catalogued and there's some research
      done on them. But those finds don't really cover clothing very well. I
      was wondering if anyone knows of sources I could use for making a
      men's coat?

      The fabric I have for this project is white, fine, hand-woven wool,
      ~43 cm in width and there's maybe 4,3 meters that's full width. And
      that means there is literally no chance to redo it if I screw up the
      first time. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Russian svita-type
      coat would be approriate? It would have to be knee-length at maximum,
      because there's only so much fabric, but if that style existed at the
      period I want to be in it would be plausible for him to wear it.
      But even then there are some questions, like whether it's OK to use
      the edge of the cloth for the front opening (no need to turn it, yay)
      and whether it would have a waist seam or not, like an Alanic kaftan.
      And is lining approriate? If anyone knows of a source that would shed
      any light on the clothing of the Fennic tribes around lake Ladoga, or
      Rus clothing of the same locations, I would be very very grateful!

      - Rakka

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      kaunis neito huusi kuin hiomalaikka."