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15719Re: [sig] Re: FWD: [SCA-HRLDS] Lithuanian Names Again

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  • T Duran
    May 1 5:19 PM

      > Not sure how useful any of that is, I'm not very good at Polish names!

      Thanks, I'll pass it on. In the meantime there was a little bit of
      further information provided on SCAHRLDS:

      > Bahlow-Deutschesnamenlexikan gives Friedrich as a give name in German.
      > Wickenden, 3rd ed., p406 s.n. Vyshelav, gives Vintzlaus, 1234 as a masculine > given name. It should be possible to form a patronymic that comes near to
      > the desired sound. Please help me out here.

      > Lacking any sources for documenting Lithuanian names, the submitter is
      > requesting that the college help form a suitable name in
      > German/Polish/Russian/Lithuanian. Submitter allows all changes necessary
      > to do this.


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