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15706FWD: [SCA-HRLDS] Lithuanian Names Again

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  • T Duran
    Apr 26, 2012
      Another plea for help from the Heralds list ! Can Asfridhr, Lady Patricia,
      or others help this gentle ?


      Recently there was a discussion on Lithuanian Names. I didn't pay too
      close attention, because it did not concern me at the time, and now I am
      looking at 2 submitters desiring Lithuanian Names. I will be covering 1
      now, because the submission is in process.

      Submitter desires a name similar to Frederick Vinslaoskis. He says that
      the byname is Lithuanian but no resources were available to check during
      the consultation. If this can be put together as a Lithuanian name, that
      would be great, and the submitter allows all changes necessary.
      Closest he got to documenting this was:

      Bahlow-Deutschesnamenlexikan gives Friedrich as a give name in German.
      Wickenden, 3rd ed., p406 s.n. Vyshelav, gives Vintzlaus, 1234 as a
      masculine given name.

      Would it be possible to form a patronymic that comes near to the desired
      sound? Can any one offer some assistance?

      Your servant,
      Ld Antonio Alexandre Dias de Navarra

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