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15601Re: Intro and a name question

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  • Ellen Dimiduk
    Dec 29, 2011
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      Thank you! In modern Russian at least I know that Alyona is often a nickname for Yelena. It was a modern name-history page that suggested it was related to Olena as well, but it wasn't actually documented and I'm not even sure I was reading it correctly--my Russian is pretty rusty. I am glad to hear I can use the name.

      I think I had better spell it with the "yo" if I have any hope of English-speaking people pronouncing it that way :-)


      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, Paul W Goldschmidt <goldschp@...> wrote:
      > Greeting Ellen!
      > Welcome to the Group. Just digging myself out from the holidays, so
      > didn't get a chance to respond until now.
      > The "yo" in Alyona is actually an "e" with umlauts. In modern
      > Russian, it has that "yo" sound. But if you were looking for the
      > name in my Dictionary of Period Russian Names, you would find it
      > spelled Alena because I drop the umlaut. It is dated to the year
      > 1595 on page 5 of the third edition. You are welcome to spell it
      > Alyona. It might be related to Yelena (which I spell "Elena") but
      > I'm not sure about Olena. Anyway, it's period and we can date it positively.
      > Again, welcome!
      > -- Paul Wickenden of Thanet
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