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15600Re: [sig] Intro and a name question

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  • Paul W Goldschmidt
    Dec 28 5:51 PM
      Greeting Ellen!

      Welcome to the Group. Just digging myself out from the holidays, so
      didn't get a chance to respond until now.

      The "yo" in Alyona is actually an "e" with umlauts. In modern
      Russian, it has that "yo" sound. But if you were looking for the
      name in my Dictionary of Period Russian Names, you would find it
      spelled Alena because I drop the umlaut. It is dated to the year
      1595 on page 5 of the third edition. You are welcome to spell it
      Alyona. It might be related to Yelena (which I spell "Elena") but
      I'm not sure about Olena. Anyway, it's period and we can date it positively.

      Again, welcome!

      -- Paul Wickenden of Thanet

      At 01:42 AM 12/25/2011, you wrote:
      >Hello all,
      >I'm new to the group and also new to the SCA ... I'm not even
      >officially a member yet, but hopefully that will change soon. I am
      >leaning towards a Russian persona as I have studied the language and
      >spent some time there when I was in high school. I'm uncertain about
      >my name though. I would like to use the name Alyona, but I'm not
      >sure if it's period or not. It does not appear in the medieval
      >Russian name-lists but I'm not sure if it would have shown up in
      >official writings if it was considered just a nickname for Yelena or
      >Olena. The earliest reference I can find of the name is Alyona
      >Arzamasskaya who lived in the 17th century (and there is the fairy
      >tale of Alyonushka, but I don't know when that dates from).
      >Thanks for your help!
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