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15577Re: [sig] New Member, so to speak

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  • David Funk
    Dec 7, 2011
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      Velvet the Fast! Cool!

      What kind of translation are you looking for? "Velvet" in Russian
      is бархат or barkhat (transliterated).

      I suppose "Needle-Nose" could be translated directly, it's more an adopted
      technical term, the word I've heard most that refers to "needle nose" I
      believe translates to "nippers" but that's for a pair of pliers.

      игольчатый (igolchatyi) means needle-like which is probably more in line
      with what you're looking for. I need to ask a real Russian.

      Do you know what type your Borzoi! is? And is it a Psovaya or Hortaya?
      Beautiful dogs!

      I'm partial to Caucasian Ovcharkas. Alas, long hair animals don't do well
      down here in The Republic of Texas!


      On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 2:05 PM, Sfandra <seonaid13@...> wrote:

      > Hi All!
      > For those who aren't friended by me on Facebook... a) send me a note, I'll
      > add you! and b) You might not have heard my news....
      > Sfandrinskaia Druzhina has a new member / mascot / DIVA -- Velvet the
      > Borzoi! I've added her picture to my Sfandra's Stuff folder on the group
      > home, if anyone wants a peek. She's a 6 year old retired racer/show dog,
      > and a diva doggie of the first magnitude. She'll be attending dog
      > friendly events and SCA lure coursing when possible. Velvet will be making
      > her debut at Market Day At Birka in the East
      > Kingdom at the end of January. I promise there will be more pictures
      > then.
      > No, Aleksei & I did not get a borzoi simply because it goes with our
      > persona: we initially looked at borzoi because of our persona... then we
      > fell in love with the breed. Then we got lucky and were able to adopt
      > Velvet directly from her breeder/owner/handler. For those who know how
      > the AKC works, she's pointed but not finished.
      > And if anyone can give me a Russian translation for both "Velvet" and
      > "Needle-nose", I'd appreciate it.
      > Cheers,
      > Sfandra
      > ******************
      > Boiarynia Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova
      > O.L., O.M., K.O.E., Haus VDK, East Kingdom
      > http://sfandra.webs.com
      > Never 'pearl' your butt.
      > ******************

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