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15575Re: [sig] New Member, so to speak

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  • Tim Nalley
    Dec 7, 2011
      CongraTs!!!!! Two Ladies I work with are married to Russian guys. I could ask or confirm translaTions with them if you want. I did that with my brewery before I copyrighted the name and device, then submitted both as a household in the SCA!

      On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 3:05 PM EST Sfandra wrote:

      >Hi All!
      >For those who aren't friended by me on Facebook... a) send me a note, I'll add you! and b) You might not have heard my news....
      >Sfandrinskaia Druzhina has a new member / mascot / DIVA -- Velvet the Borzoi!  I've added her picture to my Sfandra's Stuff folder on the group home, if anyone wants a peek.   She's a 6 year old retired racer/show dog, and a diva doggie of the first magnitude.   She'll be attending dog friendly events and SCA lure coursing when possible.  Velvet will be making her debut at Market Day At Birka in the East
      >Kingdom at the end of January.   I promise there will be more pictures
      >No, Aleksei & I did not get a borzoi simply because it goes with our persona: we initially looked at borzoi because of our persona... then we fell in love with the breed.  Then we got lucky and were able to adopt Velvet directly from her breeder/owner/handler.   For those who know how the AKC works, she's pointed but not finished.   
      >And if anyone can give me a Russian translation for both "Velvet" and "Needle-nose", I'd appreciate it.

      >Boiarynia Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova
      >O.L., O.M., K.O.E., Haus VDK, East Kingdom
      >Never 'pearl' your butt.
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