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15304Re: Slavic University in Calontir?

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  • Suzanne
    Mar 6, 2011
      Thank you, Sofya, for helping to clarify my thoughts!

      We are a small group, with the newer members mostly interested in Viking matters, so I was headed toward offering one track in Viking culture (*garb* for sure, and similarities in naming practices...) to get them thinking about cross-cultural interactions. I try to get folks to think about their persona's geography--including borders, neighbors, travel, language--while building a back story. There should be lots of maps!

      I like your spin on the theme much better than mine. Let's keep the conversation going for a while and see where we end up.

      I'm a little worried that the canton is too small to pull this off. (Last year's RUSH did not run smoothly.) Also, the seneschal and I both work in offices where the workload intensifies in early fall as everyone heads back to school--we'd need to have things well in hand by August 1st in order to pull off a Slavic University in October. [And, there's the issue of our Barony hosting a kingdom event in September. Will people get tired of driving to central Iowa?] On the up side, when we discussed not doing a fall event in the canton this year some people expressed interest in trying an A&S-type event again.

      Decisions, decisions... :-)

      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, Lisa Kies <lkies319@...> wrote:
      > Greetings from Sofya!
      > On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 8:33 PM, Suzanne <sovagris@...> wrote:
      > > Would anyone come to a Slavic University in October in Iowa? Would SIG
      > > members accept some Viking (i.e., neighbors to the Slavs) programming in
      > > order to attract more of the local populace? Am I crazy? <I *know* the
      > > answer to that last question!>
      > >
      > > Susanna de l'Essart
      > > Canton of Axed Root
      > > [mundanely: Ames, Iowa]
      > >
      > >
      > I would be delighted to have a SIG RUSH in Axed Root (and even help with
      > it), since I went to college there and only live a couple of hours away.
      > I've thought of doing it here in Heraldshill (Mason City, IA), but we're too
      > small of a group.
      > However, I don't like the idea of making it a Viking/Slavic event (or
      > German/Slavic or whatever) although I'm not sure that's what you're really
      > proposing. Most of the time, we Slavs are the foreigners picking for scraps
      > of relevant info among the Western Horde. It's nice to have an event where
      > we're the natives and the Vikings/English/Italians are the foreign visitors.
      > Which is not to say that we shouldn't have classes on, say, the implications
      > of the "Viking" apron dress excavated in Pskov, the Italian influence on
      > Hungarian court architecture, the ways the Polish dress influenced German
      > fashions, the assimilation of Viking settlers in the eastern Baltic states,
      > Orthodox vs. Catholic ritual, etc. Those sorts of classes have always been
      > welcome - and that may have been all you were suggesting.
      > It could be great fun to have a Slavic University based on a theme of
      > cross-cultural _Slavic_ influences - and help engage the local Vikings,
      > Germans, English, Italians, what have you.
      > Just some thoughts,
      > Sofya
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