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15294Slavic University in Calontir?

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  • Suzanne
    Mar 3, 2011
      Your job--should you choose to accept it--is to talk me out of this idea.

      Calontir has a tradition of large A&S events called "RUSH" (Royal University of Scir Havoc). SIG wishes for a Slavic University event to be held in a location it's never been before. Can these two concepts work together? Would anyone come to a Slavic University in October in Iowa? Would SIG members accept some Viking (i.e., neighbors to the Slavs) programming in order to attract more of the local populace? Am I crazy? <I *know* the answer to that last question!>

      Susanna de l'Essart
      Canton of Axed Root
      [mundanely: Ames, Iowa]
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