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  • Ana Adamski
    Feb 9, 2010
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      btw my family is related to  "Queen" Jadwiga  so I am in the process of getting documentation from my family and the Polish National Alliance

      Lady Ana

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      I have been doing some research into my own family history. My great-grandparents emigrated from Radom and Raczki (Southeast Poland or Lesser Poland as some places call it) in the 1920's. When doing research on Radom, I found that it did exist during the 1300's. It also ties into my interest in the Jagiellon Dynasty. "Queen" Jadwiga was made King by the Sejm in 1383 in Radom. The union of Poland & Lithuania was signed in Radom in 1401. So, by accident, I chose a time period and a place that has actual ties with my own family history.

      The difficulty I am having now is finding COAs from that time and area. I found a ton of Polish COAs, but they don't tell from what region. Plus I found articles telling how some of the early Polish COAs were based on "runes". What would you suggest?

      My wife has been in the SCA for years, and just got me into it, so she is my garb maker. The problem is, her time period is Tudor and she will have to learn a new time period and region.

      I am still working on a name, but might go with my given name and just use the Polish "version", but would help to find clans, etc.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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      > This is a bit later than my sweet spot, but.... First of all I would suggest looking at "The Polish Way" by Adam Zamoyski as it offers a nice overview, and by reading the chapters preceding the era you are interested in it will help with the background and the mindset. Similarly for "The Rise of the Polish Monarchy" by Paul Knoll. Of course read Sienkiewicz' s "Knights of the Cross".


      > Aside from that, much could depend upon what part of Poland you're talking about. In western Poland there is a lot of German influence in dress. As far as heraldry is concerned, Polish cypher heraldry is difficult, though not impossible, to pass within the confines of the SCA. Of course the best books are all in Polish, though I believe you can find many of the elements through online resources.


      > Hope this helps.


      > Jan

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