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  • jjbober4@comcast.net
    Feb 9, 2010
      This is a bit later than my sweet spot, but.... First of all I would suggest looking at "The Polish Way" by Adam Zamoyski as it offers a nice overview, and by reading the chapters preceding the era you are interested in it will help with the background and the mindset. Similarly for "The Rise of the Polish Monarchy" by Paul Knoll. Of course read Sienkiewicz's "Knights of the Cross".

      Aside from that, much could depend upon what part of Poland you're talking about. In western Poland there is a lot of German influence in dress. As far as heraldry is concerned, Polish cypher heraldry is difficult, though not impossible, to pass within the confines of the SCA. Of course the best books are all in Polish, though I believe you can find many of the elements through online resources.

      Hope this helps.


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      I joined the SCA less than 2 months ago. Been to 1 event (Art/SCI) and now I am trying to create an SCA persona. Looking at Poland late 1300s - early 1400s during the Jagiellon Dynasty. Found lots of info online, but seeing if anyone has any suggestions. Names? Heraldry? Garb?

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