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1466choosing persona

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  • Tamie Everton Fogle
    Jan 1, 2000
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      I was up in Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska) finishing a teaching certificate when I discovered the SCA. I decided on a Russian persona because Kodiak Island, where I'm from, is steeped in cultural and historical info. By the time I discovered that Baranof's residency was so much past SCA time period I was already hooked. Now my only problem is not having an active group here, so getting over to the mainland for events, building up a small library and keeping up online are essential to me.


      sig@onelist.com wrote:

      > > > >How did any/all of you chose your time/place in
      > > persona-life? What
      > > > caught
      > > > >your attention? What stopped you (if anything)
      > > from chosing another
      > > > time and
      > > > >place?