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  • V.D. Novach
    Nov 3, 2009
      Actually the answer would be NO, The Boyar were the Nobles of area as well as well-to-do merchants, anyone capable of owning their own land. They were not knights. 

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      In general terms the answer would be Yes.

      If by a Knight You mean a warrior in service to a King. The analogy is roughly correct remembering that the King and Knight relationship evolved from the earlier relationship of a Warband Leader and His Trusted Warriors.

      The Kiev-Rus had the Grand Prince (King) to whom was attached His Druzhini(?)/ Warband comprised of the Boyars (Knights).

      Were they exactly the same. No. But they serve similar purposes Yes.

      You have to be careful not to simply accept all concepts of Chivalry and Knighthood and transpose them onto the East from the West.

      Does that help?

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      > I have been asked by several folks in my shire if the Boyar's were the Russian version of the western medieval knights. When I do a online search about them from the way they are described they do seem to fit into this mold. My Russian knowledge is growing but I will freely admit this is a area were I need to ask questions. From what I have been able to gather on them, Boyars wielded considerable power through their military support of the Kievan princes. Power and prestige of many of them, however, soon came to depend almost completely on service to the state, family history of service and to a lesser extent, landownership. The boyars occupied the highest state offices and through a council (Duma) advised the Grand Duke. They received extensive grants of land and, as members of the Boyars' Duma, were the major legislators of Kievan Rus'. To me this sounds extremely like a western knight, can anyone explain to me where the difference lies and if they
      are similar would'nt that be a good candidate for a alternate title for knight?
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