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  • quokkaqueen
    Sep 3 3:27 AM
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      Jan Dlugosz in the 15th century wrote about pagan practices, although he was discussing historic events, not things witnessed first hand.

      There is a brief quote from Dlugosz about men, women and children participating in a pagan ritual on page 287 of
      Dowden, Ken _European paganism: the realities of cult from antiquity to the Middle Ages_ (London, New York; Routledge, 2000)

      Another book that Jadwiga didn't mention, is the very readable _Roles of the Northern Goddess_ by Hilda Ellis Davidson (London; Routledge, 1998)

      A book that will frustrate you with it's sweeping statements and lack of references for its' assertions, is Jonas Trinkunas _Of Gods and Holidays: The Baltic Heritage_ (Vilnius : Tverme, 1999). It is an interesting read, but I wouldn't recommend it as a reference.

      Hope that helps a little,

      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, jenne@... wrote:
      > > The paper has to show where women fit into their religion at that time. As
      > > an alternative if there is documentation I can do anything about women in
      > > the period church.
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