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  • jenne@fiedlerfamily.net
    Sep 2, 2009
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      Unfortunately, we have very few concrete records about pre-conversion
      pagan Lithuanian religion, and not enough to tell whether Gods or
      Goddesses were mostly revered. We know about sacred trees and about snakes
      fed with milk (you might make something out of that). Lots has been said
      about folksongs with pagan elements recorded in the 19th & 20th century.
      There's reverence for the Earth as Mother, but there's also Perkunas, who
      appears to be one of the usual thunder gods...

      You can try:
      - Lithuania ascending: a pagan empire within east-central Europe, 1295-1345

      Marja Gimbutas' work seems to be very (pardon the anti-pun) seminal in
      this area; you can also look into the modern Lithuanian neoPaganism called

      But basically, I'd try doing a search in your library's resources.
      Patricia Monaghan' _Book of Goddesses and Heroines_ has some entries on
      Baltic goddesses but I would definitely take her work with a large grain
      of salt.

      This one:
      Goddesses in world mythology / Martha Ann, Dorothy Myers Imel.
      Has a section of entries on 'goddesses' of Eastern Europe, where you
      might be able to find more information -- you will want to check the
      citations and follow up through the bibliography

      There's also some stuff in Coulter & Turner's _Encyclopedia of Ancient
      Deities_ and if you have god/goddess names, you can also try the Guide to
      the Gods, by Leach.

      -- Jadwiga

      > All,
      > I need to do a paper for my Women in Religion class and wanted to
      > concentrate on the religion of Lithuania. I know that prior to 1385 it
      > still held onto the pagan beliefs, at times in the guise of Christianity.
      > What I need to know and be able to document that Goddess(s) were the
      > revered ones and not male gods.
      > The paper has to show where women fit into their religion at that time. As
      > an alternative if there is documentation I can do anything about women in
      > the period church.
      > thanks in advance,
      > raven
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      -- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
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