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14042Re: [sig] Musings on SCA-cultural impact

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  • jjbober4@comcast.net
    Feb 5, 2009
      I would agree with that. Believe me, there are FAR more Eastern Europeans than when I started playing this game a couple decades ago.

      I think that part of it may be that our resources aren't nearly as readily at hand. You can walk into your average Borders and without too much trouble walk out with *some* book our other that may help you dress like a generiCelt, Viking, or non-descript Western European. On the other hand, if you're going to be a Pole or Hungarian or Rus or from Kiev or Novgorod you have to dig a little deeper, and we probably gravitate towards those things in the garb and accessories that would set us apart. So my guess is that we may research a little more before we come out with it.

      OH...and when I went to school Europe ended at the Urals. :)

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      So, dunno how many Easterners there are here, but right now, the East Kingdom email listserv is AFIRE with discussions of Newbies, Bad Garb, and how to get them Involved, and into Good Garb.

      And one person, who I presume was demonstrating the slippery slope of enforcing the SCA basic garb standard, went on to list the potentially 'not allowed' things that some histronic gate volunteer might object to in enforcing the rule. And of course Russia was on the list, as being "not European". Now, they were being facetious, of course, but I was suddenly struck by this thought:

      There are FAR more Eastern European personas now than there were 7 years ago, when I changed my persona to Russian.

      Is that what other people are seeing too? In addition to an increasing number of EE/Slavic personas, I see the eastern europeans usually doing a MUCH better job of presenting their persona than I do almost any other culture. I see a large volume of generic-Viking and generic-MiddleEastern at most large events, but I also see more and more well-made shubas and geirmaks and kokoshniki cropping up.

      Are we just better, in some way, at encouraging good persona-presentation?

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