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  • quokkaqueen
    Apr 10, 2008
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      Doing a bit better after this bout in the library.

      Witold Taszycki (ed.), _S{l/}ownik Staropolskich Nazw Osobowych_
      (Dictionary of Old Polish Personal Names), vol. I (Wroc{l/}aw:
      Zak{l/}ad Narodowy Imienia Ossoli{n'}skich, Polska Akademia Nauk,

      sn. Czyrmaczewic(z}
      Clymek Cyrmaczewyc, 1435

      sn. Czyrmak, Czermak
      Paulus Czirmak, 1394
      Ex oposito Czirmak, 1419
      Iuncho Czirmak, 1434
      Super donum Czirmak, 1438
      Czirmakoni, 1421
      Cirmakonis, 1592
      Der Iuchne, Czirmaken von 1430
      Cermag, 1416
      Czermak, 1417
      Cermaconi Ruteno, 1417
      Iunchno, fillius Cermaconis, 1430

      Although this is a Polish book, looking at the sources used, it seems
      they're from the Greater Poland/Wielkopolska area, which might include
      Silesia, which is now partially within the Czech republic.

      So, it's a long shot, but I'll continue hunting references.
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