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13323Hacek problems, was: Help with a Name

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  • quokkaqueen
    Apr 8 1:29 AM
      č and Č are lower and upper case C-hacek respectively.
      ě is e-hacek
      ň is n-hacek
      ř is r-hacek

      To make this extra-confusing, if you copy and paste the 'gibberish'
      text into Google it will correct it and search for the word including
      the hacek-bits. That's because it's the Unicode format for the
      symbols. I forgot that Yahoo has fits over these sorts of things, sorry.


      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "quokkaqueen" <quokkaqueen@...> wrote:
      > Andreas,
      > I'm not an expert at all on Bohemian or Czech names, but I've had a
      > little luck with looking at books.
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