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  • Carthell, Ed (B/TEC Ltd.)
    Apr 2, 2008
      Thank you for your complements. The saddle that you see is one of the Spanish saddles "Portuguesa" I was able to get it on eBay. It was not that expensive. It is the same saddle that was used in the 16th and 17th c. I have seen many paintings with that type of saddle in them. If you get one, I recommend taking it apart and checking the cinch and stirrups attachment points. I had the stirrups attachments fail in a champion's tournament and cost me the tournament. I agree after seeing many saddles while I was in Poland. I have many photos that I am working on trying to sort and post. I attached a brass holder to the back of the cantle that holds the wing. It is slips fit so that I can mount then have the wing put on because mounting with the wing is very difficult to say the least.

      Advice keep working and having fun that is all that matters.

      Are you going to be and the west cost any time in the future? I was able to view and take photos of the Stockholm roll but I cannot put them up or share them. However, you could see them if you are going to be out here. They are amazing and the colors and details are great. It was amazing to be able to view the roll up close with glass or things in the way. That was the greatest moment of the trip to be allowed in the back room and see it.

      Ed Carthell
      Structural Designer
      Phone (503) 553-8387

      Excellent job, Your Excellency.

      This is a very long term project I am planning as well - a Bathory-era
      hussar kit.

      I do have a few questions however.

      What kind of saddle are you using? If it's not a home made hussar saddle,
      which is closest to the ones the hussars used then, and why did you make the
      choices you did?**
      How did you attach the wing to the cantle?

      ** - I have heard, from members of our EQ community here, and in Trimaris &
      Atlantia [non-SCAdians, that's the Midwest and the areas stretching from
      Georgia, Fla., Md, etc - see http://www.sca.org/geography/welcome.html%5d, that
      the McClellan is very close to photos I have of extant hussar saddles. But
      after my own examination of photos of extant saddles, I think that a
      Peruvian saddle is actually much closer. What do you think?

      Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated. :)
      Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski
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