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  • vladdrgo
    Mar 22, 2008
      I've been a major lurker on SIG for awhile now. I am attempting to
      portray a mid 12thC Moldavian. I have had help from some folks in
      Romania via pics and descriptions of various things and am now trying
      to recreate shoes.
      It was requested of me to post some pictures of my wife's work. She
      and some of her friends entered a Seamstress competition and ranked
      pretty high. I have a few posted unders Vladislavs Pics in the
      groups pic files and am waiting for the final 5 to be posted as of
      22/3/2008. I know she was interested in making this Kiev outfit for
      awhile, but after Slavic U she had a surge of feelings towards
      getting it done. She usually does Irish Celt, but we figure a few
      months of Slavic will warm her up. hahaha

      I also put up a pic I'd received a decade ago depicting a Romanian
      outfit. I took a pic of our last Slavic U token I punched and burned
      and posted that too.

      In Service,
      Vladislav Dragomir
      man-at-arms to Baron Sir Garth of the Craigs, Andelcrag
      House Dragon's Scythe
      Middle Kingdom
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