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12901cross stitch period or not

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  • panimagdalena56
    Dec 13, 2007
      To tag on to this discussion, the cross stitch stitch is VERY period.
      But modern subjects and styles using that stitch aren't.

      I was told that one of the first samples of "Polish embroidery" I did
      in the SCA was an example of folk embroidery and not period. I didn't
      know any better and didn't have much to base my embroidery on but a
      blip from the internet. So the bodice was packed away.

      Since then I have documented this style of "Kashubian" (an area in
      northern Poland) to late period on an altar cloth and woman's veil.

      The sites Sofya listed are excellent sites for samples. I have found
      with my Polish research that although I may not have documentation
      right now, that doesn't mean it won't surface later.

      Remember, never say never...

      Magdalena Gdanska
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