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  • Iustin Branov
    Nov 5, 2007
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      I am going to take a stab at this and say I don't
      think this quite fits. The Emiliana works fine. The
      problem seems to be with the 'Mavra'. Mavra as is
      listed as a feminine variant in the dictionary would
      be as a given name. I think that what you would be
      going for here would be more along the lines of
      Emiliana Mavrova would work as an early period
      version. Slightly later would be Emliana Marvovicha.
      Paul also seems to suggest that something along the
      lines of Emiliana Mavrova doch' would also be
      appropriate. That is just what I get from my reading
      though. If I'm wrong, someone can correct me.


      --- noli_desiste <emmiewilliams@...> wrote:

      > So I had an entire day of nothing to do while
      > trapped at the house
      > waiting for the gas company to hook up my gas so I
      > can have heat...
      > (joy.) So I started researching a name. After
      > looking at the very
      > little early information for women and just trying
      > my darndest...
      > this is what I came up with... I have decided I was
      > born in Kiev
      > around 940. I found a masculine form of a name I
      > really liked and
      > added an "a" for the feminine form. I found alot
      > examples of that
      > that went back to the 2d-3d centuries. I tried to
      > pick a traditional
      > name and make a simple patronymic (dad was born w/
      > dark hair and
      > named Mavr.) Is this possibly passable? :
      > Emiliana Mavra
      > • Emelian (m) -- "flattering."
      >  Emelian. Lived in the 9th century. [Buk 18]
      > • Mavr (m) -- "dark."
      >  Mavr, martyr. 3rd Century. [Buk 158]
      > o Dims: Mavreshko. 1253. [Mor 117]
      > o Pat Vars: Maurin (Iev Maurin). 1611-2. [RIB II
      > 264]
      > • Mavra (f) -- "dark." Fem of Mavr.
      >  Mavra, martyr. 13-14th Centuries. [Lev 41]
      > o Dims: Mavritsa (Mavritsa Vasil'eva doch').
      > 1634-42. [RIB II
      > 734]
      > Thank you!
      > Emmie

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