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  • noli_desiste
    Nov 5 1:58 PM
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      So I had an entire day of nothing to do while trapped at the house
      waiting for the gas company to hook up my gas so I can have heat...
      (joy.) So I started researching a name. After looking at the very
      little early information for women and just trying my darndest...
      this is what I came up with... I have decided I was born in Kiev
      around 940. I found a masculine form of a name I really liked and
      added an "a" for the feminine form. I found alot examples of that
      that went back to the 2d-3d centuries. I tried to pick a traditional
      name and make a simple patronymic (dad was born w/ dark hair and
      named Mavr.) Is this possibly passable? :

      Emiliana Mavra

      • Emelian (m) -- "flattering."
       Emelian. Lived in the 9th century. [Buk 18]

      • Mavr (m) -- "dark."
       Mavr, martyr. 3rd Century. [Buk 158]
      o Dims: Mavreshko. 1253. [Mor 117]
      o Pat Vars: Maurin (Iev Maurin). 1611-2. [RIB II 264]
      • Mavra (f) -- "dark." Fem of Mavr.
       Mavra, martyr. 13-14th Centuries. [Lev 41]
      o Dims: Mavritsa (Mavritsa Vasil'eva doch'). 1634-42. [RIB II

      Thank you!

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