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  • Patoodle@aol.com
    Aug 23, 2007
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      I'm sorry I missed the SIG meeting this year! I had to go "into town" mundanely to buy dinner supplies for my camp, and when I got back to camp to drop off the purchases, it was already past 3 p.m. and it was raining, and I just needed to chill out for a bit before starting in on my "cooking night."

      But I did really enjoy Sfandra's Kievan Garb class. Yeah, my persona is Lithuanian and not Rus, but a gal's gotta wear *something*....

      Also at Pennsic, I spent $70 on a book that I can't read because it's all in Lithuanian (except for 10 pages in Russian and 2 pages in English). But that will have to be a separate post, because I left the book at home and I'm now at work.

      Best wishes,
      Lady Patricia of Trakai

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      Sfandra hosted a very nice discussion group this year. ( Our Thank You's to
      her!) She even procured some excellent pirougies
      And cooked them at the meeting! ( In the rain even.) I didn't get an exact
      count on attendance but around 20 is probably a reasonable guess.


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