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  • petite_moitan
    Jun 10, 2007
      Ack, I never formally introduced myself.

      Hi, all. My name is Christine Mc Carver. I live in Elf Sea of
      Ansteorra. My persona that I'm building is a Moravian of mid 14th
      century. I'm interested in, oh bunches of stuff. Here's some things I
      think are more point-edly SCA oriented.
      Calligraphy, eastern and western. Learning illumination, though much
      more difficult than water color.
      Sewing - garb making. Designing patterns based off of drawings and
      making them universal. (In real life, I am a seamstress for hire.
      Hence the business name Mercenary Seamstress as well as an
      architectural engineering student.)
      Mask making - paper mache masks of all sorts - Noh, masquerade,
      comedie de l'arte (I can never spell that correctly yet I studied
      French for five years.) I hurl them against the wall to test durability.
      Languages - French, Czech, Latin, Japanese, Gaelic, Mexican (necessity)
      Paper mache lacquered furniture.
      Beading - jewelery, head ornaments, garments
      Cobbling - leather, canvas, began with 3/4 point shoes, then made own
      lasts for period shoes.
      Corsetry - with or without busks, stays, bodices
      site assembly and cooking. Not much of a bard - too chicken.
      Researching hard to find things. CAMPING And ethnic studies. and
      Gothic architecture. . *sighs at the intricate loveliness*
      Book binding and paper making.

      All of which started before the SCA. Oddly enough.

      I learned about the SCA last winter through a bunch of Vampire
      LARPers, paid my dues mid-may before my first event; which I didn't
      need to make any garb for had I not wanted to be more "ethnically"
      appropriate. Even had my own tent and camp stove from my hiking days.

      So, I'm a newbie. I have been taken in by a group known as the
      Miscreants, though I've yet to "officially" join them. I am currently
      finishing my coat and head dress whilst working on my background info.

      Be posting again,
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