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  • L.M. Kies
    Nov 24, 2006
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      >Sorry, I don't read Italian either. I am able to read Spanish and
      French, and just began teaching myself Russian, but I am researching
      Novgorod. Maybe someone can suggest an English resource?

      Well, you still haven't told us exactly what period you are looking at. Pagan Rus (before conversion)? Kievan Rus (before Mongol conquest)?

      There's usually some brief information on very early Rus history in standard Russian history texts. I've found a couple of brief on-line English summaries of "Slavs in Antiquity" and "Slavs in the Early Middle Ages" although I have not read them carefully yet:


      I'm assuming you've seen "Life in 13th Century Novgorod". A lot of that era would also apply to earlier periods:


      And my own webpage includes a lot of information about Early Rus (including references). I hope you've looked at it already, but just in case:


      And Russian clothing in _every_ period can be quite practical. According to Rabinovich, even a Muscovite nobleman could wear his upper rubakha around home. It was the more formal, ceremonial occasions that required a greater excess. A certain G. Kotoshkin recorded that ambassadors would travel along the streets in odnoryadki, and then as they were to go in to see the tsar, they would take off the odnoryadki and put on the more formal shuby.

      I hope this helps,

      (And now I'm off to pack for the Knowne World Costuming Symposium!)

      Lisa M. Kies, MD aka Lady Sofya la Rus
      Mason City, IA aka Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
      "Si no necare, sana."

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