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11622Re: [sig] Intro and howdy!

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  • Tracy Kremer
    Nov 23, 2006
      Yep, it is as I feared; Italian is _so_ much harder
      than Spanish (for me). I may be able to use your
      Chronology, but it starts a little later than I was
      interested. This is becasue I was planning to operate
      on the principle that while the center of things in
      medieval times was more advanced than in the early
      times, the folks in the country and outlying areas
      would hold to some of the older ways. The earlier garb
      is usually more practical for basic day-to-day SCA
      activities; the more elaborate, later, garb and
      persona development can come later when my persona is
      well started and when I have more time to make the
      elaborate stuff.
      Thank you for the offer of information, milord; I only
      regret that I cannot make out italian well enough to
      make use of it.

      --- aldo <turanomar@...> wrote:

      > Dear Tracy, I may take you to my pages in Italian if
      > you just digit my full name and search me via Google
      > or I just invite u to visit the pages MEDIOEVO RUSSO
      > in the site www.mondimedievali.net
      > u will find there a lot of material written in an
      > easy way.
      > Ciao
      > Aldo
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      > From: Tracy Kremer
      > To: sig@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 1:06 AM
      > Subject: Re: [sig] Intro and howdy!
      > Albina;
      > Greetings and welcome! I am a previous inhabitant
      > of
      > this list who has been mostly silent since I
      > rejoined;
      > I'm in school and working part-time, but I missed
      > this
      > list and so came back, although with limited time.
      > I am interested in the Rus too, of late. My
      > greatest
      > interest at present is the really early history,
      > when
      > the area was being settled. Does anyone have a
      > source
      > on this they can recommend, or information they'd
      > like
      > to share?
      > At least if you decide to learn Russian, there
      > will be
      > plenty of options! Even in the part of Atlantia
      > where
      > I live, I have discovered there are more chances
      > to
      > learn Russian than to learn Polish, which was my
      > first
      > choice.
      > Just try to find a tutor in Polish,
      > fer-gosh-sakes, in
      > North Carolina near Charlotte; I got one reply,
      > from
      > someone else who wanted to learn also! For Polish,
      > there are precisely two teaching tapes available,
      > currently; one of which is just about impossible
      > to
      > use if your plan was to learn while you drove.
      > Unfortunately, that is the one I got. The other is
      > much more expensive. Given that the eastern
      > european
      > languages are really slippery to the ear for one
      > who
      > grew up with english, spanish, and a smattering of
      > french, which are related to each other but not at
      > all
      > to the Slavic languages, I suspect the other tape
      > might be at best difficult to use.
      > do widzenia!
      > Eluned zewnatrz
      > --- Albina Gherardi <dagperez@...> wrote:
      > > Hello all and thank you for letting me become a
      > part
      > > of the group. I
      > > am Albina Gherardi, a 12th c Sicilian, who is
      > > comtemplating a move to
      > > Novgorod. I have always been facinated with all
      > > things Russian (don't
      > > know why I didn't start out there in the SCA!),
      > and
      > > just in lurking the
      > > past few days have found tons of info. I hope to
      > > learn more, and will
      > > post photos as I get them since 1) I am a
      > > garbaholic, and 2) I am doing
      > > Rus for Atlantian 12th night. Hope to see yall
      > > around!
      > >
      > > Albina
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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