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11077Re: Polish Names

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  • Art Plazewski
    Jun 13, 2006
      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "Rosie" <Rosie_0801@...> wrote:
      > Thanks everyone :)
      > Nope, the herald is not a native Polish speaker. How many native
      > Polish speaking heralds do you think we have here in Lochac?!
      > So who is Alojzy Kalixt Kozlowski? Is there an English translation
      > (looks hopeful) and why is everyone in history called Jadwiga if
      > Nawojka is the slavic equivelent? Does the Honourable Scholar
      > Kozlowski give any dates and more specific locations for the name?
      > :)
      > Rosie the Surprised (that this was going to be so complicated)

      here is some in english but all I have is in polish:

      Kozlowski - xix century scholar...

      because Jadwiga (Hedwig) was the name popularized by the clergy...and
      clergy did not like old slavic names...

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