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11074Re: Polish Names

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  • Rosie
    Jun 12, 2006
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      Thanks everyone :)
      Nope, the herald is not a native Polish speaker. How many native
      Polish speaking heralds do you think we have here in Lochac?!
      So who is Alojzy Kalixt Kozlowski? Is there an English translation
      (looks hopeful) and why is everyone in history called Jadwiga if
      Nawojka is the slavic equivelent? Does the Honourable Scholar
      Kozlowski give any dates and more specific locations for the name?
      Rosie the Surprised (that this was going to be so complicated)

      > lol....so is your herald polish native speaker? if not tell him to
      > drop me a line...;-)))
      > btw - Nawojka , according to Alojzy Kalixt Kozlowski is a slavic
      > equivalent of scandinavian name Jadwiga....so there you go...
      > ;-))
      > art
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