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  • Art Plazewski
    Jun 12, 2006
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      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "Rosie" <Rosie_0801@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I'm hoping someone here has the right kind of thinking cap for this
      > job :)
      > I'm trying to make an SCA name, and I wanted "Nawojka" but there
      > only two mildly reasonable references online, and our herald
      > approve.
      > The first one is a reference to a 15th century noblewoman, Nawojka
      > Koniecpolska.
      > www.kki.krakow.pl/pioinf/przemysl/dzieje/dzieje1_e.html
      > The second is the "Prayerbook of Nawojka" from
      > ary_m.html
      > As a budding historian I grimace that I must rely on such sources,
      > but I still think it is a bit harsh to say these two mentions are
      > good at all. I would prefer something more watertight myself, of
      > course, but they both refer to the same century...
      > While Jadwiga is a perfectly reasonable name, there had to have
      > Polish women out there called something else; and I don't really
      > feel like a Jadwiga.
      > I shall be most grateful if anyone can help!
      > Rosie (who feels a little bit Nawojka-ish)

      lol....so is your herald polish native speaker? if not tell him to
      drop me a line...;-)))
      btw - Nawojka , according to Alojzy Kalixt Kozlowski is a slavic
      equivalent of scandinavian name Jadwiga....so there you go...
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