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  • MoxFool@aol.com
    Jun 12, 2006
      These seem to be reasonable, especially the second. If it's a cative name, there should be no reason to deny it. If all else fails, you could be "<Nice Polish Girl's Name> from Nawojka", and call yourself Nawojka to get around it.

      Choosing your name based on past royalty shouldn't be an impediment either - as long as you aren't trying to imply that's who you are, you're not breaking the Society rule against that, so again it should be allowed.

      If they are denying your request based on the time that name was available, that could be problematic. Your source indicated a late 1300's early 1400's time frame. If you have a more definate year (which the prayer book does have), you can use Irena's Turnau'
      s rule of thumb and figure that the name was likely already in use 10-20 years previous to the time it is first mentioned (again, unless there is evidence to the contrary).

      I hope this is useful!

      Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski

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      From: Rosie <Rosie_0801@...>
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      Sent: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 04:10:36 -0000
      Subject: [sig] Polish Names

      Hi All,
      I'm hoping someone here has the right kind of thinking cap for this
      job :)
      I'm trying to make an SCA name, and I wanted "Nawojka" but there are
      only two mildly reasonable references online, and our herald doesn't
      The first one is a reference to a 15th century noblewoman, Nawojka

      The second is the "Prayerbook of Nawojka" from

      As a budding historian I grimace that I must rely on such sources,
      but I still think it is a bit harsh to say these two mentions are no
      good at all. I would prefer something more watertight myself, of
      course, but they both refer to the same century...

      While Jadwiga is a perfectly reasonable name, there had to have been
      Polish women out there called something else; and I don't really
      feel like a Jadwiga.
      I shall be most grateful if anyone can help!
      Rosie (who feels a little bit Nawojka-ish)

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