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10940Greetings from a new member

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  • LL Rice
    Apr 28, 2006
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      Lady Apollonia Voss, apprentice to Her Excellency Mistress Brianna Wynman
      (The Crafty Fox), member of the Black Dragon Mercenary Company and resident
      of the Shire of Owlsherste in the Kingdom of the East bids you all greetings
      and good health. IOW, "hi" from Apollonia. ;-)

      I'm, "here" as I am becoming quite drawn to early Russian clothing. I made
      my first hat a few weeks ago

      Honestly, I'm trying to find good documentation for 10th century Byzantine,
      Russian and Frankish clothing and the connections between the cultures and
      am having little luck. Earlier eras for Byzantine "daily life" goods, are
      easy to find but the 10th century is tough. I'm not finding ANYTHING
      related to Frankish daily life, but did find Sofya la Rus's work on Early
      Russian clothing, headwear etc.

      I'm at the beginning of the research and will hold questions until I've
      thoroughly rummaged the freesever site and the group's archives.

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