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10922Re: [sig] fur-lined items

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  • Anthony Bryant
    Apr 27, 2006
      'doc wrote:

      > Actually, I've converted 4 fur coats into period
      > shubas and taught a class in the same at Pennsic
      > twice...I could send you a copy of my class manual and
      > answer any questions that you have? If so, I bet
      > theres very little that Soraya, Anastasiia or Sofya
      > can't answer....feel free to ask! BTW, I love my shuba
      > an I am currently starting to also convert a "mink"
      > coat into a shuba for my lady. It started out life as
      > a group of muskrats but that was very popular in the
      > 40's and 50's when most of these coats first started
      > hanging in Gandma/Aunt Ethel/ etc. closet.

      Hey, guy! How the heck ya doin'?

      Got a Q for you on shuba-fication. Lined shuba are a well
      and good for colder weather and wintery events -- but what
      about Pennsic? It's hell trying to do cold-weather-people
      garb for a hot-weather-people place.

      Of course, on Pennsic *evenings* all bets are off and a
      lined shuba would be spiff...


      Anthony J. Bryant
      Website: http://www.sengokudaimyo.com

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