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10906RE : [sig] request for help

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  • L.M. Kies
    Apr 25, 2006
      For late period, I would recommend looking at Eugenia Tolmachoff's article on court costume:


      For mid period, try the 15th Century Novgorod Merchant's Wife article:


      I converted a mundane wool coat into something Russian-looking, so if you have specific questions, please feel free. 

      One problem is that "all" Russian coats hide the fur inside - so most of your mink won't show.  Almost a waste, really.

      Sofya la Rus

      ------- Original Message -------
      >I have procured a full length mink
      >coat and would like to make a mid-late period Russian winter coat. I have
      >no idea where to begin my research or how to make or where to purchase the
      >pattern. If any idea, suggestions or help would be appreciated. I also
      >have a white rabbit coat that I would like to make something with that I
      >don't know what to do with. Any help would be very appreciated.

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