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  • Alastair Millar
    Aug 13, 2005
      I would avoid using this like the plague.

      Given the nature of my job (I am a Czech->English translator
      specialising in archaeological, heritage and related topics), I
      regularly, i.e. every day, have to use the internet to look up
      terminology, vocabulary, historical contexts etc.

      Whatever the THEORY, my actual EXPERIENCE with Wikipedia has been that
      it is not up to standard. It contains much information which is
      plagiarised from other sources on the web, and a great deal of material
      that is simply incorrect - and which has not been corrected simply
      because it falls within subject areas likely to be of interest to very
      few readers. Moreover, presumably because there is no academic rigour, a
      great deal of what might charitably be termed "Romantic" (with capital
      R) material is on there that cannot really be supported...

      As a result, I have stopped using Wikipedia altogether: it's just too
      unreliable, uneven and unbalanced.

      So... I would say that the Knowledge Pages should NOT be in an
      open-access, anyone-can-post-whatever format. Not only is the quality of
      available material an issue: so too is the danger of the relevant
      knowledge page losing its structure, or of certain areas (clothing,
      perhaps) coming to dominate entirely at the expense of less "popular"

      always ready with jugs of cold water! ;-)

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