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10274Re: Re: [sig] Re: Re: cunnan, an SCA wiki

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  • Tom Cerul
    Aug 12, 2005
      I thank you heartily for your response. Could I use you guys as
      practice for my advocacy of this technology? At some point I'm sure
      I'll find myself trying to support wiki's to management at work.
      Assuming I just got a yes, I'll continue.

      I guessing that a referee/moderator is acts as a gate keeper, only
      allowing content that meets a specific criteria. This action prevents
      people from publishing bad facts such as Viking helms having horns.
      In a wiki, one can redirect bad facts and respond to them. For


      As bad (untrue) facts are responded to, the articles acquire a
      myth-busting quality which can be more educating than if the myth had
      been 'stopped at the gate'.

      I'll do some work in Cunnan relating to the SIG Knowledge pages in the
      coming weeks as a priliminary. If I'm lucky, I may manage something
      before I hit the road today.


      On 8/12/05, goldschp@... <goldschp@...> wrote:
      > I'll weigh in my thoughts on this.
      > A wiki is a neat tool. I have no problem with having a SIG-related wiki, but I don't think it is a substitute for a moderated and refereed web page. The Knowledge Pages replaced my original links page for SIG, which at the time was a carefully compiled list of one person's effort. Sharing the load made sense because I couldn't keep up with it. But the idea was that it would remain refereed.
      > I think there is a place for both a wiki and the knowledge pages. Just as there is a place for SIG-L and SIG.
      > -- Paul
      > > Wiki's hit a sweet-spot in human nature where good stuff stays and
      > > even the worst offenders are easily undone. People can contribute as
      > > much time as they want and articles continually improve.
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