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  • yanagroznaia
    Aug 1, 2005
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      > I'd be happy to find/collate links and things for the
      > Russian page, though I'm terrible at HTML and don't
      > even know other webpage programming languages, so I
      > couldn't do the updating personally. But any help I
      > could provide, I'd be happy to do: my job is such that
      > I can be online 8 hours a day, with minimal
      > interference.
      > --Sfandra

      If someone (or many someones) could verify the existing links on the
      Russian pages, I can do the HTML part of everything. Obviously, I
      haven't had the time/inclination/etc to keep the Russian Knowledge
      Page up to date, but I'm happy to just work on the programming side of

      The only concern I have is who is going to verify the integrity of the
      submitted links and that they fit the parameters of the Russian
      Knowledge Page? In the past, I did that part, but I don't have the
      time any longer.

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