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10236Re: [sig] request for feedback/collaberation-Rom vardo

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  • Tim Nalley
    Jul 26 10:06 AM
      We're having a sign made for ours to say " 'dok &
      Xan's Dacha", with an elephant and a raven or goat,
      Old English lettering though I could probably do
      Bilibin lettering in a pinch.
      Mine will have bow top, setachable shelf top
      sides and modified futon loveseat & detachable walls
      so it can be my "truck bed" in mundania. Free chicken
      wings and beer for hauling, heck yeah!
      Xanetia has a Suburban so we may make another one
      after we move back to Columbus. This is my
      dream.....I'm thinking dooley wheels big, 7" x 12",
      drop top Plastic, like a pop top camper only a vardo.
      Queen sized bed w/ drawers underneath and bracketed by
      a 3'propane dorm fridge on one side and tub storage or
      spare tire, flares & generator on a side out on the
      other. 6' bench seat along one wall & queenie stove
      with trundle countertops along the other side
      bracketing a window, with embedded shelves with slide
      proof rails from the floor to waist hieght. Lots of
      hooks along the ceiling edges for stuff.
      I haven't figured out where to put the TV or
      solar screens yet, but I will....just kidding.
      Xan and I both love to travel and plan to use this
      Vardo as our road home when we retire in 20 years, or
      its successor. Its ambitious, but that's what dreams
      are for.

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