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10234Re: [sig] request for feedback/collaberation-Rom vardo

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  • purplkat@optonline.net
    Jul 25, 2005
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      I am not a 'brain' on making Vardos, but I HAVE traveled almost every summer as a kid - with my parents in their 28' trailer.

      My Dad used to tell me things like 'See how that trailer is sitting? The weight load is incorrect' 'Always remember to check the site before you pull in' 'Always pitch the trailer a little bit to the back - incase there is a rain storm'
      And other such jewels.

      I would be happy to add my 2 zlotys to the mix.

      aka Katardzina Bochenek

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      From: Tim Nalley <mordakus@...>

      > My problem is this, I have a plan that looks good on paper but I'd like to run it past those members who have joined the "Vardo Collective" and shamelessly
      > glean the advantages of thier experiences and advice.
      > And of course, there will be an article for a future SLOVO.....so I was thinking collaberation?
      > Maybe on a series detailing vardos of various sizes from single draught like mine to multi-draught, like some of the others?
      > So, if anyone has a moment, maybe we could chat about it, online, at Pennsic, at the SIG meeting ..... over a beer or some other potable? I'm looking forward to joining the Collective, as this is obviously the wave of the future and just pretty damn sweet!
      > 'dok
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