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10231Re: [sig] request for feedback/collaberation-Rom vardo

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  • Lisa Kies
    Jul 25, 2005
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      What a coincidence! I just put up a quick little webpage about our new war
      wagon, Der Wohnwagon (aka Nasha Dacha). It was built on a 4x8 ft snowmobile
      trailer that had a 4 ft load ramp. I rigged it to be 5 ft wide so we would
      have room for the full-size futon bed. I could put together some construction
      schematics if anyone is interested.

      We pulled it to Lilies with our 6-cylinder Mazda 6 Wagon and a Class I hitch,
      and still got about 20 mpg (once we fixed the tarp problem and got off the
      interstate). We were able to move it pretty easily by hand, even fully
      loaded. With something like this, it seemed like the aerodynamics (or lack
      thereof) was the big issue at highway speeds, especially interstate speeds.


      Let me know if you can't figure something out. I know I left out a lot of the
      painful details.

      Sofya la Rus

      Quoting Tim Nalley <mordakus@...>:

      > I have a 4 banger Saturn and I've always loved and
      > admired the vardos at Pennsic, but have been
      > restricted by haulinng limitations of my "one horse"
      > draught vehicle. So, I had an idea....
      > Why not use the most applicable of the vardo ideas
      > to make a "one horse" vardo? So, the Saturn got a
      > trailer hitch at U-haul and I bought a lightwieght
      > half ton trailer at Harbor Freight Tools last week and
      > assembled Saturday with a buddy. The foldable model
      > for easy storage in my garage....

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