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  • yanagroznaia
    Jul 18, 2005
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      I can't believe that this hasn't been posted yet (I looked). In 2003,
      a book about the 1903 Winter Ball was published in Russia. It is a 2
      volume set, with the second volume entirely in English. Photos,
      documentation, research...I'm drooling!


      Now, before everyone gets their hopes up, it looks like only 4000
      copies were produced. And the set costs $550.00 American. I put in a
      request for my library (Univ of Illinois) to purchase it, especially
      since there are apparently only two other libraries that own it
      currently (Yale and New York Univ). If you live near a large
      University library that would be interested in collecting this type of
      item, I recommend that you put in a request too.

      Anyway, had to share. :-)

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