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  • jennifer knox
    Jul 13, 2005
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      Hi! cuffs were generally seperate and heavily ornamented. they would have been made either of metal or of stiff embroidered and/or jeweled leather. remember that ecclesiastical costume was quite different from what lay people wore. if you tell me what century you are working from i can email you the relevant parts of my byzantine costuming class handout (its 80 pages long, i dont think you want the whole thing :-) ), along with some pictures from primary sources.

      Justin Griffing <jm_griffing@...> wrote:
      Ok. This is the closest place I can think of to ask my question and hope that someone on here may have an answer. I am working with a friend on some Byzantine court garb that she is making for me and we are trying to identify the pieces. Looking at pictures, it seems that the cuffs on the tunica match the dalmatica. My guess, from studying history of Eastern ecclesiastical vesture, is that these cuffs are actually almost a "vambrace" type, in that they are completely a separate piece from the tunica and thus can be worn with a variety of tunicae. Does anyone know if that is the case or if they were sewn on the tunica?

      Thanks in advance,

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